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About Spann & Associates

Spann & Associates, LLC is a privately held civil engineering firm providing quality professional design and construction management services to both the public and private sector. Our commitment through performance is to provide service with integrity and technical excellence as we seek to provide innovative solutions to today's infrastructure for the clients and communities we serve.

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Hiring Spann & Associates

If you need Civil Engineering Site Design, Construction Services, or Survey, please contact info@spannllc.com for more information. Please see our Company Services page for a full listing of the services we offer as a firm.

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About The President

Bruce A. Spann

President and CEO

Bruce A. Spann is a Marquette alum with more than 29 years of professional engineering experience in executive management, project management, and project engineering for numerous design, planning, and construction management projects in Wisconsin and across the United States. Bruce is committed to developing a staff with a wide range of talents to serve our clients with integrity, creativity, and a commitment to excellence.

Workplace Culture

Spann & Associates fosters a cooperative workplace where employees have the freedom use creativity in design solutionss and have the opportunity for long-term professional growth. Employees are challenged with a variety of projects to broaden a professional skillsets. And, being a small company, individuals are recognized immediately and directly, in formal and nonformal means.

Organization and markets

Spann & Associates is headquartered in Germantown, WI and has employees working in the Southeast and Northeast Regions of the State of Wisconsin.


Spann & Associates is a leading civil engineering design and construction service firm in the state of Wisconsin with expertise in design, construction services, surveying, and proejct delivery of private and public projects. Our mission is to create cost-effective solutions to today's design and construction challenges.


Spann & Associates is built on the values of accountability, excellence, innovation, and integrity. Maintaining accountability means Spann & Associates assumes liability for project performance, accepts responsibilities as appropriate, is transparent with respect to disclosures and communicating with team members and stakeholders, and is responsible for the allocation of resources. Excellence is the aspirational value that drives Spann & Associates’ consistent efforts to improve. On a practical level, excellence is achieved through consistent innovation. Finally, integrity is the central value for Spann & Associates and imputes an obligation to all employees to perform on projects with consistency and honesty.


Spann & Associates was started in 2006 to provide cost-effective services to the state of Wisconsin in both private construction and public infrastructure development. Since then, Spann & Associates has grown to become a company with twenty full-time employees and continues to expand as a service firm with talent acquisition as well as organic development.

Wisconsin DOT 

Spann & Associates, LLC is proud to serve the people of Wisconsin through Wisconsin DOT consultant services.